So he has finally popped the question and you have said yes (of course, why would you be here otherwise) and you have decided that a vintage wedding is the way forward and now it is time to consider the dress.

By choosing a vintage wedding dress you will have access to a wide range of dresses which will be made from luxurious fabrics and made to the highest standards.

At Black Sheep Antiques we stock wedding dresses made between 1900 and 1970s, and we aim to provide you with the best period dresses that we can.

Whether you are looking for the perfect vintage wedding dress or some fantastically stylish bridesmaids dresses we have a wide selection to suit any taste.

Our wedding dresses start from £450 and go up to £1500 depending upon the age, quality and condition of the dress.

Our prom & bridesmaids dresses start at around £75 and go up to £400 once again depending upon the age, quality and condition of the dress.